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I highly recommend Chris. Im totally satisfied with his and his law firms services. I can go on forever about all the great qualities but I'd rather keep it short and to the point. Lol.. hire Chris you'll be glad you did. Im totally happy with the end results and then some. Straightforward approach to resolution.
First and foremost, this was my first experience in consulting with an attorney and did not know what to expect. Because of what I believed was a wrongful termination, I knew I had to have someone advocate on my behalf, in order for any negotiations to work out more favorably. I resorted to searching the web for an attorney in my area. Every place I called simply informed me of the consultation fee and coldly wanted to know if I wanted to schedule an appointment, without hearing any details of my situation or taking any initial interest in my predicament.

This was until Michele pleasantly answered my call at Chris Houk's office. She took an immediate and sincere interest and wanted to know more about what was going on. She reassured me that everything would work out and that Chris was the perfect man to help me. She was absolutely right!

Chris is one of the most approachable and kind men I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Immediately, I felt at ease during my initial consultation, because of the sincere interest and passion he exhibited. It was clear he wanted to help me.

His honesty and integrity manifested throughout the negotiations when Chris truly took my best interests at heart, even when it potentially conflicted with his own in the form of not extending the negotiations unnecessarily. His professionalism showed with how prompt he was in returning calls and keeping me updated with new developments as they occured.

I am so impressed that I already have and will continue to recommend him to anyone in need of a competent and passionate advocate. I know they will be pleased with Chris. He's the man.

I went to Chris with a problem I was having at work. The thing that impressed me and moved me about Chris is his kind, gentle heart! He really listened to me and immediately took action. He is a very detailed oriented individual. Phenomenal experience! Thank you, Chris for your professionalism, but more importantly, not taking for granted the human element!
Chris was helpful in a unique situation with a former employer. He guided the process that was thorough and case specific. He ensured my level of comfortably during each exchange, which led to a settlement I was happy with. Strategic, Efficient, Genuine Employment Lawyer.
Chris was helpful in a unique situation with a former employer. He guided the process that was thorough and case specific. He ensured my level of comfortably during each exchange, which led to a settlement I was happy with.
Mr. Houk was able to quickly identify key issues to begin crafting a strategy, yet he showed sensitivity in dealing with my case. I appreciated his willingness to take on a larger corporation and the creative and analytical skills that resulted in resolution. I highly recommend Christopher Houk. Stop shopping, he’s your guy.
Chris Houk is a BRILLIANT attorney!!! He is available morning, noon and night. He is efficient and effective. From day one, knowledgeable, compassionate, skilled, and very meticulous in his craft. Genuine attorney who cares about his clients who goes above and beyond. Chris has the utmost integrity and their aren’t many left in his field. I highly recommend Chris to anyone seeking a skilled, effective attorney seeking fair justice!
Chris was so easy to work with and a privilege to have on my side. He is knowledgeable, and actually cares. He also makes sure he can get you through whatever the situation without making you feel inadequate because you may not understand everything. I would recommend Chris to anyone for any case. Completely satisfied!!!
After doing my research and speaking to many employment lawyers, I hired Chris. I was extremely satisfied with his services. During my initial consult, Chris not only answered all of my questions, but asked me lots of questions to get a better understanding of my concerns. He gave me options and painted a very clear picture of what was to come. Throughout the process, he was very upfront, transparent and efficient, not wasting my time or money. In addition, he kept me informed and guided me to make the best decisions for me. He is extremely strategic and smart in his approach and has your genuine interest at heart. Chris and his staff always made me feel comfortable and were extremely professional. I cannot say enough great things about Chris and highly recommend him. Thoughtful, Creative Problem Solver.
No one gets an attorney unless something is seriously wrong and you’re stressed out to the max. When I called and spoke with Chris he was very understanding and kind but most important he listened and took notes on everything I said. A lot of attorneys are fast talkers and rude and Chris is quite the opposite. He’s polite, friendly and incredibly smart in the ways he does things. When you meet him you will see what I mean. I have nothing but good things to say about him. He’s smarter than most people around him and very brilliant at his craft. He’s an absolute excellent attorney and is concerned about doing right by people and their situations and it shows. Don’t take my word on it though, call the guy and you will see what I mean. Excellent, skilled effective attorney.
I had a situation at work that could have escalated to end in termination of my position. I was losing sleep over it. I met with Chris, we strategized and came up with a plan. It saved my job. If I ever need assistance with an employment law situation again, I will definitely be seeing Chris about it. Excellent Attorney!

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