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Representative Experience

At the Houk Law Firm, we've had the privilege of representing a wide range of clients. For example, we've represented the following clients:

  • Black employees at various large companies who suffered harassment based on their race, such as
    • multiple employees who found nooses at their workstations (in litigation and out-of-court settlements),
    • multiple employees who were called the n-word or other racial slurs,
    • an employee who was stereotyped as an "angry black" person (through arbitration), and
    • an employee who was targeted with a snake in his workstation (through appeal and trial).
  • Female employees at various companies who suffered sex harassment. For example, we represented
    • multiple employees who were touched inappropriately at work without giving consent (including before the EEOC),
    • multiple employees were propositioned for sex by managers or coworkers, even in exchange for promotions (through out-of-court settlement), and
    • multiple employees were subjected to vulgar, sexual comments or other actions by coworkers or managers (through out-of-court settlements).
  • Female employees at various companies who were subjected to discrimination based on sex. For example, we represented
    • multiple employees who were paid less than their male peers,
    • an employee who was passed up for promotions by their male peers,
    • an employee who was called derogatory names based on gender,
    • an employee who was criticized for being "aggressive" while men were praised for being "aggressive", and
    • employees who were reprimanded, demoted or terminated in retaliation for speaking up.
  • Employees with medical conditions who
    • needed accommodations at work,
    • were discriminated against at work for physical or mental health disabilities (through an out-of-court settlement),
    • were refused accommodations at work for medical disabilities, such as being denied physical accommodations, leave, or job transfer, and
    • requested FMLA leave, but the employer interfered with their leave or punished them for taking leave.
  • An employee who needed redress for the psychological disabilities caused by their supervisor.

  • Employees who were refused reasonable religious accommodations or who suffered religious discrimination.
  • Employees who needed assistance during the Covid-19 pandemic. For example, we represented
    • multiple employees who needed physical accommodations to protect themselves from the Covid-19 pandemic, and
    • employees who required a medical or religious exemption from the Covid-19 vaccine.

  • Mexican employees who were discriminated against based on their accents and national origin.

  • Employees by assisting them in deciphering or negotiating their severance packages, employee contracts, or non-compete contracts.

  • A business owner who suffered interference with business expectancy or contract and defamation.

  • Business owners who needed advice on terminating employees or responding to claims of discrimination through the EEOC.

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