The work of doing justice, preserving the rule of law, enforcing rights and demanding responsibility is critical at any time; that's especially true during crises.

Here at the Houk Law Firm, we are committed to continuing to fight for you, no matter what is going on in the world. During this particular era, we will be nimble and creative in our approach to ensure that disputes are resolved efficiently and safely. To that end, we are doing the following:

  • We are offering initial consultations via video conference so we can provide the best
  • service possible.
  • We will discuss with you moving cases forward with virtual settlement conferences,
  • mediations, and depositions.
  • We will keep abreast of the health developments in our community and the changing
  • legal landscape, so we can give incorporate the latest developments impacting your cases into our advice.

Our work is important, so we will never stop finding new ways to give the best advice

Thank you.

The information in this post is not intended to be legal advice for a specific situation.